Guardian & Guide English Medium School

Payment of Fees

Guardian & Guide English Medium School, Raigarh

Guardian and Guide English Medium Boarding School, Raigarh
CBSE Affiliation Number : 3330110

Term Fee should be paid in advance as per the following schedule :-
(1) 1st April - For the 1st Term ending 31st July.
(2) 1st August - For the 2nd Term ending 30th November.
(3) 1st December - For the 3rd Term ending 31st March.
(4) Grace period of one month will be given to those who fail to pay the fee on time due to unavoidable reasons. Thereafter school will be constrained to strike off the name of the defaulters from the school roll and they shall be required to pay a sum of Rs.1000/- as re-admission fees in addition to the outstanding amount to continue studies in the Academy.

• A calendar month’s notice in writing must be given before the end of the academic year requesting for the issue of Transfer Certificate.

• In case of mid-term withdrawal, a calendar month’s notice is required and fees for the unexpired period of the term must be paid.

• School year - 1st April to 31st March of the next year.