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Guardian & Guide English Medium School, Raigarh

The events celebrated at Guardian and Guide are the ones celebrated across the globe. This gives students an exposure to the worldwide celebrations and at the same time understanding the roots of their own country and culture. They become global children, yet the culture rooted in their blood. This enables the student to become a self-confident and disciplined individual.

The other qualities that are reinforced here are the development; integrated value system, leadership within the community, empowerment and ability to make the right choice.

We believe that the needs of children and parents are unique; hence we have different activities that cater to children with different abilities.

ART - It leads to the whole brain development in a child. (because through arts both the right as well as the left brain is equally used and developed) Dramatic Arts education is an important means of stimulating CREATIVITY IN PROBLEM SOLVING.

A student can, if only for a few moments, BECOME ANOTHER, explore a new role, try out and experiment with various personal choices and solutions to very real problems.